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Developing the New Nordic Diet

Udviklingen af Ny Nordisk Hverdagsmad Photo: Simon Ladefoged

Purpose: Developing a new meal system

The purpose of the project is to clearly define a new meal system the New Nordic Diet. The New Nordic Diet is based on Nordic ingredients, at the same time taking account of the health and well-being of the individual and environmental sustainability. Moreover, it is important that the food tastes really delicious and appeals to children.
As a tangible outcome of the project, about 300 recipes have been developed for use during the subsequent phases of the OPUS project.

Project description

The project was kicked off by a Nordic symposium, at which experts within a number of relevant fields (such as gastronomy, food history, food economics, sensorics, human nutrition and environmental research) provided input for the contours of the New Nordic Diet.
A working group then drew up a number of principles which now form the basis of the New Nordic Diet. The principles resulted in a list of basic ingredients for the New Nordic Diet as well as recommendations as to dietary intake. All this is summarised in the report "Basis for New Nordic Diet" (Danish). A short English summary of the report can be found here.
Specific meal suggestions were then developed in collaboration with the project "Acceptance of New Nordic Diet". These meals are used for a number of the other projects. It is therefore important, among other things, that the meals are tailored to the meal patterns of children aged 8-10.
The project is central to the five-year plan for the OPUS Centre. The project serves to assist the other projects by providing practical guidance on the handling of specific foods and modifications of recipes, as required.