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New Nordic Diet

The New Nordic Diet must:

  • Express the purity, freshness, simplicity which we associate with our region 
  • Reflect the changing of the seasons in the meals 
  • Be based on ingredients which are particularly excellent in our climate, landscapes and waters 
  • Combine palatability with modern knowledge about health and well-being 
  • Promote the diversity of Nordic products and producers and increase awareness of the underlying cultures 
  • Promote animal well-being the sustainable production in the seas and in cultivated and wild landscapes 
  • Develop new uses of traditional Nordic foods 
  • Combine the best Nordic methods of preparation and culinary traditions with impulses from other regions 
  • Combine local self-sufficiency with the regional exchange of high-quality produce 
  • Invite consumers, other food makers, agriculture, fishing, food industries small and large, retailers and wholesalers, researchers, educators, politicians and the authorities to become partners in a joint project for the benefit and joy of the entire Nordic region

In the project ten guidelines for the New Nordic Diet have been developed.

  1. More fruit and vegetables every day
  2. More whole grain
  3. More food from the seas and lakes 
  4. Higher-quality meat, but less of it 
  5. More food from wild landscapes 
  6. Organic produce whenever possible 
  7. Avoid food additives 
  8. More meals based on seasonal produce 
  9. More home-cooked food 
  10. Less waste

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