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Report: Basis of the New Nordic Diet

The report presents the basis for the New Nordic Diet. The report has been prepared as part of WP1: Developing the New Nordic Diet. The project group has been assisted by a number of advisory boards and the report has also been sent to the 64 participants in the OPUS symposium in June 2009 for consultation along the way.
Report: Basis of the New Nordic Diet (in Danish).
The report has been written by project manager Emil Bruun Blauert, chef Mathias Krog Holt, PhD Charlotte Mithril and the gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer.
The report summarises the ten principles which the authors consider to be fundamental to the new Nordic Diet:

  1. More fruit and vegetables every day (lots more: berries, cabbages, root vegetables, legumes, potatoes and herbs) 
  2. More whole grain, especially oats, rye and barley 
  3. More food from the seas and lakes 
  4. Higher-quality meat, but less of it 
  5. More food from wild landscapes 
  6. Organic produce whenever possible 
  7. Avoid food additives 
  8. More meals based on seasonal produce 
  9. More home-cooked food 
  10. Less waste